Walking Through the Empty Age

“Walking Through the Empty Age” performed by Yoko Ishida

As good as this song is, it’s very hard for me to listen to. This is the music for the final scene in Texhnolyze, and there is so much weight and emotion in that final episode that it’s not easy for me to relive any of it. This is a beautiful song though, and is the perfect accompaniment for the show’s final moments.

“A Far Away Lightning”

Now that I’m past halfway in my Texhnolyze rewatch and working my way towards the end, I thought this week I would share two of my favorite pieces of BGM from the series. While the series has its share of dark and gritty music to match the visual tone of the series, it also has some beautiful quiet pieces, such as this one: “A Far Away Lightning” by Hajime Mizoguchi.

Stay tuned for Friday to hear my top selection from the Texhnolyze score.

Guardian Angel

I’ve just begun another rewatch of Texhnolyze, which is one of the darkest shows in my anime collection, and the fourth with Yoshitoshi ABe’s involvement. Above is the opening credits sequence, which goes against the trend and uses an instrumental piece for the theme. It’s a great piece of music called “Guardian Angel” by Juno Reactor, and you can hear the original full-length version of the song below!