[ Song of the Week ] Steven Wilson – “Remainder the Black Dog”

from the album Grace for Drowning (2011)

The “companion” to my Song of the Week last week. Steve Hackett provides guitar on this amazing track from Steven Wilson’s second solo album. Lasse Hoile gives the song a visual element in his traditional dark and surreal style.

Who am I kidding? The video is nightmare fuel. You have been warned. šŸ™‚

[ Song of the Week ] Steve Hackett – “Can-Utility and the Coastliners”

from the album Genesis Revisited II (2012)

One of my favorite Genesis songs, revisited by Steve Hackett forty years after its original release on the Genesis album Foxtrot, featuring vocals by Steven Wilson. In the early 2010s, the two Steves were in the same social circle for a while, and they appeared on each other’s albums. (Hackett provides guitar for Wilson’s “Remainder the Black Dog” on Grace for Drowning.)

[ Song of the Week ] Steve Hackett – “Shadow of the Hierophant” (live)

From the album The Total Experience Live in Liverpool (2015)
Original version from Voyage of the Acolyte (1975)

I don’t usually feature the same artist two weeks in a row, but I listened to this again the other night and had to share it. It’s nearly as impressive just hearing it as compared to seeing it on the concert film included with the set. If you’re a drum fan, Gary O’Toole’s performance in the second half of this song is on fire and you won’t want to miss it.