[ Song of the Week ] Genesis – “Cinema Show” (live)

Seconds Out released 1977; this performance recorded in 1976

Since I’ve just rebooted this blog, I thought some new features might be worth trying. Music is one of my biggest interests, so I thought maybe a song of the week would be good. There is no shortage of music in my library and I like all kinds of music, so I’m hoping it is something I can keep up on a regular (weekly, in fact) basis. It’s mainly a matter of finding the song on YouTube so I can share it.

For the inaugural edition of “Song of the Week”, I have of course chosen my all-time favorite song, and it has held that status since about 1992 when I first heard it. Seconds Out was an album I heard very early on as I was discovering the band Genesis at the time of the We Can’t Dance album. I think discovering their (then-)new and old music at the same time made me appreciative of all of their music, and I didn’t become a fan of any “era”, but rather their whole discography.

But I digress. This feature isn’t meant to be a full-on blog post, but since I am starting with such a significant song to me, a short explanation was in order. Anyway, I will always remember the day I was in the car listening to my taped copy of Seconds Out (I had borrowed the CD from the library) on my walkman and this song came on. I had heard it several times before, but on this particular day, during the instrumental second half, it all fell into place. This was the band I had been waiting for. I was barely a teenager, and I was still new to being “serious” about music, but it was during the live version of this song (it wouldn’t be until a few months later that I heard the original version on Selling England by the Pound) that I decided that Genesis was my favorite band.

And they still are.