[ Song of the Week ] Michie Tomizawa – “Last Christmas”

from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Merry Christmas! (1996)

Yes, I’m a day late. The weekend went by too quickly and I didn’ t have anything ready for Monday. Anyway…

I am a fan of Wham!’s “Last Christmas”. I have heard several cover versions of it over the years, and don’t care for any of them. Except this one. This one I like. And it’s from a Sailor Moon Christmas image album of all things! Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) puts her own spin on the famous song.

(Incidentally, I’m not a fan of AMVs either, but this being a Christmas song, it doesn’t lend itself to deviating far from the intent of the source. Plus, it compiles some good winter scenes from Sailor Moon.)

In the name of Saint Nicholas…

official series art

A cute Christmas picture from Sailor Moon which is almost perfect except for one little thing… Where is Mako?

Death and Rebirth

official series art

Hard to believe my rewatch of Sailor Moon S is already over. It seems like I just started it! I had forgotten lots of the details, but not the overall story arc. It’s still my favorite season of the series, even not having seen Sailor Stars yet. Sailor Moon S is one complete story arc, though split roughly in half, with Hotaru’s introduction marking the changing point.

Sailor Moon S was also very prophetic for me. I didn’t know who Kunihiko Ikuhara was when I watched the series for the very first time all those years ago, but he was the series director for Sailor Moon S. After one more season of Sailor Moon, Ikuhara went on to become part of Be-Papas and create a little series called Revolutionary Girl Utena

Crisis Make Up!

As I’ve been rewatching Sailor Moon S, I was reminded of how pretty Sailor Moon’s second outfit and transformation are. After Usagi has already transformed into Sailor Moon, she then uses the Holy Grail and the invocation “Crisis Make Up!” to “level up” to Super Sailor Moon. This extra power is needed to defeat the Daimon they encounter which have been sent out by the Death Busters, their enemy in Sailor Moon S.

Melancholy Makoto

official series art

Many moons ago (if you’ll pardon the pun), and I mean many moons, back when I was a fledgling anime fan and the internet was a very different place full of excited fans and character shrines and no commercialism, one of my favorite pastimes was looking for image gallery sites to find as much Sailor Moon artwork as I could. And maybe even some 1024×768 wallpapers, too! I still have them all saved, too, having migrated to each new computer of mine since those early days.

Anyway, enough reminiscing… though I still often long for those days when the internet was a much more innocent place. Back in the early days of my Sailor Moon fandom, Makoto/Sailor Jupiter was my favorite character. A small, cropped version of this image still lives in that old Sailor Moon image folder of mine, but now here is the full piece of artwork, which has always been one of my favorites of Makoto. Her expression always got to me, since she seems a bit sad and in need of some cheering up.