Pink Sugar Heart Attack!

Back in the day, Sailor Chibi Moon was always one of the most despised Sailor Moon characters… I don’t know if that’s still the case these days with Sailor Moon Crystal and the next generation Moonies, but I never had a problem with her.

So to celebrate the appearance of Sailor Chibi Moon in my Sailor Moon complete series rewatch – currently nearly halfway through Sailor Moon S – here is her first attack: Pink Sugar Heart Attack! Not recommended for those with an aversion to the color pink, hearts, or cutesy sound effects.


“Mako Ami-chan summarized ※ GL attention” / Illustration by “Kobeya” [pixiv]

As I was searching for Sailor Moon images – something which is still fun even after all these years – I stumbled upon this super adorable fanart by “Kobeya” of Sailors Mercury and Jupiter swapping uniforms.

If you enjoy this drawing, please visit Kobeya’s pixiv profile!

Fire Soul

official series art by Kazuko Tadano

Rei may not have won me over in the same way that Mako and Ami have, but there really aren’t any characters in the main cast of Sailor Moon that I don’t like. (Yes, including ChibiUsa. Though I haven’t seen Sailor Stars at all yet to consider the new characters in that series.)

Anyway, this has always been one of my favorite pictures of Rei, who of course is also Sailor Mars. She’s a shrine priestess with spiritual powers, and while not quite as potentially dangerous as Makoto when not transformed, she can still sense evil spirits and use talismans to ward them off in her everyday life.

[ Anime A to Z ] ~M~ “Moonlight Legend”

Does this even need an introduction? “Moonlight Legend” is, of course, the opening theme song to the legendary Sailor Moon series, and it’s a great bit of ’90s nostalgia.

This song has been a part of my anime fandom since the very earliest days, though I first heard DiC’s rewritten english dubbed version… “Fighting evil by moonlight”, anyone?

[ Anime A to Z ] ~I~ Itoh Ikuko

I don’t have a picture of Ikuko Itoh, but above you can see some of her work. Itoh is one of my favorite character designers, and also one of the inspirations for my own character drawings. Her style is very distinct, particularly the expressive round eyes which are probably the most identifiable trait of her characters.