[ Song of the Week ] Porcupine Tree – “Stars Die”

From the album The Sky Moves Sideways (1995)

Originally released as a standalone single, “Stars Die” found a home on the US version of The Sky Moves Sideways, and later internationally as Steven Wilson was remastering and reissuing the Porcupine Tree catalogue.

This has always been one of my favorite Porcupine Tree songs, but it also is rather timely with the recent anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, as there is some NASA radio communication from that very event featured in the middle of this song.

[ Song of the Week ] Porcupine Tree – “Russia On Ice”

from the album Lightbulb Sun (2000)

I’ve accepted that Porcupine Tree is now a part of Steven Wilson’s past, and it’s pointless to wish for him to put that band back together to record again, but that doesn’t stop the Porcupine Tree catalogue from existing for continued enjoyment!

I am fully behind Steven Wilson’s current musical pursuits since laying Porcupine Tree to rest. In fact, Hand. Cannot. Erase. – which would likely never have existed if Porcupine Tree had carried on – found itself becoming tied as my all-time favorite album, joining A Curious Feeling by Tony Banks at the top of that list. But then I listen to some Porcupine Tree again and a song like this comes up, reminding me of how fantastic much of his work in that setting really was.

Porcupine Tree may be no more, but albums are recorded to allow music to exist beyond when it was created, and Steven Wilson has much to be proud of with the Porcupine Tree chapter of his career!