Melancholy Makoto

official series art

Many moons ago (if you’ll pardon the pun), and I mean many moons, back when I was a fledgling anime fan and the internet was a very different place full of excited fans and character shrines and no commercialism, one of my favorite pastimes was looking for image gallery sites to find as much Sailor Moon artwork as I could. And maybe even some 1024×768 wallpapers, too! I still have them all saved, too, having migrated to each new computer of mine since those early days.

Anyway, enough reminiscing… though I still often long for those days when the internet was a much more innocent place. Back in the early days of my Sailor Moon fandom, Makoto/Sailor Jupiter was my favorite character. A small, cropped version of this image still lives in that old Sailor Moon image folder of mine, but now here is the full piece of artwork, which has always been one of my favorites of Makoto. Her expression always got to me, since she seems a bit sad and in need of some cheering up.

“Mako Ami-chan summarized ※ GL attention” / Illustration by “Kobeya” [pixiv]

As I was searching for Sailor Moon images – something which is still fun even after all these years – I stumbled upon this super adorable fanart by “Kobeya” of Sailors Mercury and Jupiter swapping uniforms.

If you enjoy this drawing, please visit Kobeya’s pixiv profile!

Pretty Soldier of Thunder and Courage

That glow is Jupiter’s natural radiance

My favorite character in Sailor Moon the very first time I saw the series about twenty years ago was none other than Makoto Kino – Sailor Jupiter. She’s the only one of the original five who could end you without transforming! In her first episode alone, she beats up two college-age thugs, attempts to square off against Zoisite, and tries fighting a monster, all before learning she is Sailor Jupiter!

In the years since, my loyalties may have shifted a bit to Ami, but watching Mako’s introduction episode again after more than a decade since my last Sailor Moon rewatch, it’s all coming back to me why I like her so much. She’s a tall, awkward girl with an intimidating aura, but she’s actually really nice and is good at cleaning and cooking. Ami better look out, since Mako might win me over again. I can still like them both, though! 💚💙

(And in retrospect, maybe it’s because of Mako that I became so fond of the brown hair/green eyes combination…)