Tank Otaku

fanart by shamakho on pixiv

Now that Anime A to Z is over, I can share one of my favorite pieces of Yukari Akiyama fanart. (She began that list, of course, so I wanted to avoid repeating while that feature was still running.)

This scene is completely in character, and the added touch of one of her reconnaissance videos playing in the background gives it that extra bit of realism. Yukari probably spends most of her free time building tank kits. Or reading about tanks. Or watching historical films with tanks in them. You get the idea.

Girls und Blumen: Student Council Edition

Another nice spring image with some more of the Girls und Panzer cast, this time the Student Council (and hall monitor Sodoko).

Yukari may be my favorite of the Anglerfish Team, but giving her a formidable challenge for my favorite overall character from the series is the student council president, Anzu Kadotani. A tiny girl with twintails and a very laid-back personality make her fun to watch.

Yuzu, Momo (back), Midoriko (aka Sodoko) (front), and Anzu