Death and Rebirth

official series art

Hard to believe my rewatch of Sailor Moon S is already over. It seems like I just started it! I had forgotten lots of the details, but not the overall story arc. It’s still my favorite season of the series, even not having seen Sailor Stars yet. Sailor Moon S is one complete story arc, though split roughly in half, with Hotaru’s introduction marking the changing point.

Sailor Moon S was also very prophetic for me. I didn’t know who Kunihiko Ikuhara was when I watched the series for the very first time all those years ago, but he was the series director for Sailor Moon S. After one more season of Sailor Moon, Ikuhara went on to become part of Be-Papas and create a little series called Revolutionary Girl Utena

Pink Sugar Heart Attack!

Back in the day, Sailor Chibi Moon was always one of the most despised Sailor Moon characters… I don’t know if that’s still the case these days with Sailor Moon Crystal and the next generation Moonies, but I never had a problem with her.

So to celebrate the appearance of Sailor Chibi Moon in my Sailor Moon complete series rewatch – currently nearly halfway through Sailor Moon S – here is her first attack: Pink Sugar Heart Attack! Not recommended for those with an aversion to the color pink, hearts, or cutesy sound effects.