[ Anime A to Z ] ~I~ Itoh Ikuko

I don’t have a picture of Ikuko Itoh, but above you can see some of her work. Itoh is one of my favorite character designers, and also one of the inspirations for my own character drawings. Her style is very distinct, particularly the expressive round eyes which are probably the most identifiable trait of her characters.


Tactical Team

official series art by Kazuko Tadano

Luna keeps the sailor team on task, and Ami uses her vast knowledge of… everything to make this duo the stable foundation of the group.

Pretty Soldier of Wisdom

Art Nouveau Ami-chan. Are those lilies for Mako…?

My favorite of the original five characters in Sailor Moon is Ami Mizuno – Sailor Mercury. It didn’t start out that way, though. When I first saw the series years ago, my favorite character was Makoto (Sailor Jupiter). Of course I still like Mako, but over the years the kinds of characters I gravitated towards changed little by little, and the gentle Ami known for her book smarts became my favorite of the Inners.