Layer 01: reWired

Welcome to the new home for in the Wired!

I have left tumblr behind and moved to WordPress to reinvent my rolling fandom and art appreciation (and other random things) platform. The posting schedule will probably be unpredictable, as I’ll only be posting when the mood strikes. I’m hoping to have a few posts each week; I’m not going to pressure myself to have a post every single day like I used to do on the old site, especially since I’m mostly going back to what I originally used to do in curating my own content rather than relying on reblogs.

I’m going to try to take everything I learned from my old blog from years ago, my old LiveJournal, and tumblr, to make a site that can handle all of the randomness which is surely ahead. I also haven’t used WordPress on a regular basis for a long time now, and the technical side of it has changed so much that I have a learning curve here again!

in the Wired has been rebooted and reformatted, and will evolve on its own, so please enjoy the ride! Menus and the layout may shuffle around a bit until I get fully settled in, so click all the things to see what’s here!

You can also browse the old in the Wired, which ran from 2012 to 2018 on tumblr.

Thanks as always for visiting! And if you’re a fellow tumblr refugee, welcome once more!