[ Song of the Week ] Radiohead – “Pyramid Song”

From the album Amnesiac (2001)

I’m usually pretty good at figuring out time signatures. I’ve been listening to this song for eighteen years and still haven’t quite figured it (or them, in this case) out! I do know that it changes every bar or so like a Stravinsky piece might, but I still haven’t completely cracked it.

I know I could easily look it up, what with the internet existing and all, but what’s the fun in that?


[ Song of the Week ] Phil Collins – “Take Me Home”

From the album No Jacket Required (1985)

Many people remember this whimsical travelogue music video for the song, but it’s actually a bit of a dark lyric. “Take Me Home” is told from the perspective of a patient in a psychiatric hospital, and really isn’t about travel at all.

[ Song of the Week ] Genesis – “Keep It Dark”

From the album Abacab (1981)

A quirky and uplifting song with an equally quirky video. This is actually one of a few songs in the Genesis catalogue about aliens, in this case what happens to someone who has been abducted and brought to a peaceful utopia, but upon being returned to Earth, is unable to share the wonderful experiences they had in that other world.

[ Song of the Week ] The Sugarcubes – “Planet”

from the album Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week! (1989)

One of my favorite songs from the Icelandic band. The production and clean electric guitar sound give the song a distinct New Wave feel (and to my ears, an ahead of its time early ’90s feel). And if that woman’s voice and face seem a bit familiar, they should be. This is the band Björk was in before breaking out into her highly experimental solo career.

[ Song of the Week ] Pet Shop Boys – “Axis”

from the album Electric (2013)

After the mellow Elysium album, the Pet Shop Boys proved they could still burn up a dance floor with their next album Electric. Will the minotaur-looking dancers haunt your nightmares?

This video edit of the song is nearly two minutes shorter than the original album version.

[ Song of the Week ] Steven Wilson – “Drive Home”

from the album The Raven that Refused to Sing (and other stories) (2013)

A beautiful and tragic song with a beautiful and tragic film to go with it, animated by Jess Cope. What may be my favorite guitar solo not performed by Steve Hackett is in the second half of the song. (Guthrie Govan has earned that second step on the podium.)