[ Song of the Week ] Perfume – “Party Maker”

From the album LEVEL3 (2013)

Transcending what one typically expects from J-Pop, this is a song ready to get any dance club moving. Perfume is a group which has been around for nearly two decades! Unlike a traditional idol group where there’s a constant cycle of new members joining and older ones graduating, Perfume has had the same lineup the whole time. The girls started Perfume in the year 2000 as literal children around the ages of 11 or 12, and are now 30. (Putting them in their mid-20s when this song was recorded.)

For most of that time their music has been written and produced by Nakata Yasutaka, who also writes and produces for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. While KPP tends to be more quirky and bizarre, Perfume is more on the electronic side of things.


[ Anime A to Z ] ~T~ Taketatsu Ayana

Is it possible for someone to be as cute as the characters they give a voice to? Often times, yes. When I first saw K-ON!, Azusa quickly became one of my favorite characters, in part because of her voice.

Azusa from K-ON!

Providing that voice is Ayana Taketatsu, who was nearly twenty years old when the anime series debuted in 2009. K-ON! being a series about a band, I got to hear her sing occasionally in some of the show’s songs. A few years after the show aired, she became a singer in her own right, both as a solo artist and as part of the duo Petit Milady with fellow seiyuu Aoi Yuki. As one might expect, the songs from both of these projects are extremely lighthearted and cute. Now nearly thirty, Taketatsu is still emitting cute waves in her music and photoshoots.

Walking Through the Empty Age

“Walking Through the Empty Age” performed by Yoko Ishida

As good as this song is, it’s very hard for me to listen to. This is the music for the final scene in Texhnolyze, and there is so much weight and emotion in that final episode that it’s not easy for me to relive any of it. This is a beautiful song though, and is the perfect accompaniment for the show’s final moments.

[ Anime A to Z ] ~M~ “Moonlight Legend”

Does this even need an introduction? “Moonlight Legend” is, of course, the opening theme song to the legendary Sailor Moon series, and it’s a great bit of ’90s nostalgia.

This song has been a part of my anime fandom since the very earliest days, though I first heard DiC’s rewritten english dubbed version… “Fighting evil by moonlight”, anyone?

Not a copy song…

So this is kind of random. I often find this song popping into my head at work many mornings. Not the first place I’d expect to have J-pop on the mind, but there’s a very simple reason. The copy machine I use makes a beeping sound when the buttons get pressed which sounds similar to the beeping at the beginning of this song!

Still, there are worse things to happen at work than humming Momoiro Clover Z most mornings…

from the album 5th Dimension (2013)