Pony Like Me

Two of my fandoms have collided again.

One of them is new. I don’t even remember how it got on my radar, but I recently discovered the series Dead Like Me (which originally aired in 2003), and I’m glad I did. It’s a series which breaks the mold a bit, being a “dramedy” about grim reapers, who appear as fairly normal people in the show’s world. The main character is Georgia Lass, an eighteen-year-old underachiever who meets an untimely end thanks to a toilet seat which falls from a Russian space station disintegrating in the atmosphere. Rather than moving on to the afterlife, she is destined to remain in limbo as a grim reaper, taking people’s souls before they die, so they feel no pain when it happens. Georgia leaves behind a family, including little sister Reggie.

Reggie Lass – Georgia’s “invisible” little sister

After I finished watching Dead Like Me, I made a great discovery related to another big fandom of mine… My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. What is the connection? It seems little Reggie grew up to become none other than Twilight Sparkle’s sister-in-law: Princess Cadance!

Britt McKillip, who played Reggie Lass in Dead Like Me, is the voice of My Little Pony‘s Princess Cadance.


Stick-It Ralph

I found these stickers and just had to get them. Mostly for the super cute Vanellope expressions, but they’re really all great. And sparkly! Which I tried to capture in this photo. (There’s also a sheet of non-sparkly stickers in the package too, but what’s the fun in that?)