[ Song of the Week ] Imagine Dragons – “Birds”

from the album Origins (2018)

So, like… I’m not even an Imagine Dragons fan. I’ve heard a few of their songs, and they make for some decent casual listening, but it’s not like they’re going to be my new favorite band or anything.

One day last week, I happened to randomly see this music video on a free TV streaming service which had just recently debuted a music video channel. I was curious so tuned in to see what they were playing, and after about ten minutes, this video began. It was animated, so that made me pause to take notice right away. And then I quickly got caught up in the story the film was telling, and thought it was really good. It didn’t quite have the gravity of, say, a Jess Cope film, but this short animated story was compelling and moving nonetheless.

On a side note, I wasn’t paying much attention to the actual lyrics in the song and how they might work with the images, but I rarely pay attention to the lyrics of any song until long after I’ve gotten familiar with it musically. So I don’t even know what the words to this song are. All I know is that the story the images were telling was enough to keep my interest, and the music seemed to fit.

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