New Albums in my collection: August 2019

>> Tony Banks: Banks Vaults
Box set of all of the Genesis founder’s solo rock albums and soundtracks, all newly remastered. A Curious Feeling, The Wicked Lady, The Fugitive, Soundtracks, Bankstatement, Still, and strictly inc. A Curious Feeling and The Fugitive had previously received new stereo (and surround) mixes when they were reissued within the past decade, and The Wicked Lady received its first ever CD edition in 2013 – thirty years after its release! This set collects those and the remainder, a couple of which were in dire need of sonic renewal! Also included is a DVD with all of eight of Tony’s music videos, collected for the first time.

>> Kate Bush: The Dreaming
Despite her legendary status in the art rock scene, I don’t know too much about Kate Bush outside of her work with Peter Gabriel in the 1980s. When I learned that this album was one of Steven Wilson’s musical influences for Hand. Cannot. Erase., I knew it belonged in my collection. The Dreaming is also generally regarded as Kate Bush’s most experimental (and least accessible) album, so I look forward to listening to it over and over so I can start figuring it all out.

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