[ Song of the Week ] Genesis – “Who Dunnit?”

from the album Abacab (1981)

On this April Fools’ Day, here is a song which fits the day’s spirit of silliness. I find it ironic that one of the band’s most experimental songs is also one of the most loathed by many fans. Criticizing a progressive band for making experimental music? That seems a bit backwards, but oh well. I still enjoy the song!

You can thank Tony Banks for this oddity from the Genesis catalogue. According to the band’s account in the Chapter and Verse Genesis autobiography, Tony had just gotten a new synthesizer and accidentally discovered that the sound patches could randomly change with each new keypress, and wanted to record a song around that novelty. Phil and Mike reluctantly agreed, with the thought that maybe Tony would stop bothering them about it if they recorded the song.

SO! Was it you or was it me?

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